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Rainwater Support

For good practice advice on Hunter rainwater systems, see our rainwater guide (from page 102).  You’ll also find information on the complete rainwater systems here as well.

Do you need help with a rainwater design?  Customers who have made a commitment to use or specify Hunter products may benefit from a free design service.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions on the Hunter rainwater range.  If your question is not listed below, please feel free to contact our Technical Services Department on 01622 852695 or email them on technical@hunterplastics.co.uk.

Frequently Asked Questions


Domestic eaves gutter, especially when fixed on rafter brackets, should be laid to a fall of not greater than 1:350. Too steep a fall should be avoided, as this leads to an excessive gap between the lowest edge of the roof and the top of the gutter. All gutters can be fitted level with support brackets spaced to prevent sagging of the gutter.

A gutter laid to a fall will have a higher drainage capacity than one laid level.

Further information regarding gutter installation can be found in British Standard 12056-3:2000 and under the rainwater section.


Yes, they can be used with many types of roof coverings and have a clamping ring designed specifically for holding an uPVC roof membrane.



If the rafters are visible, you can use rafter brackets. Hunter offers either a top rafter or side rafter bracket, which of these will be suitable depends on how much access you have to rafters. Hunter also offer rise and fall brackets. One option is a stake that is bedded into the brick work and a galvanized support bracket with adjustable height so you can incorporate a fall should you wish.



If you have a flat bottomed gutter you could use our unifit outlets.  These enable you to add a downpipe almost anywhere in your existing run.  The R400 will accept 68mm round, Squareflo or our regency pipes.  R410 will accept 110mm round pipe only. 

If your gutter system is round then you could cut into a section of your gutter (remembering to leave 10mm each side to create your lap (for thermal movement) and insert a running outlet.  Either method adds an extra downpipe to help drain your system quicker and reducing risk of overflow.


Yes, our fabrication department can make a gutter union with your chosen profile on one side and the existing on the other, enabling you to change your system and still connect to existing without any leaks.


You need to incorporate a swan neck. This is achieved by using 2 x 112½° bends and a length of pipe. The first bend is to bring the pipe towards the wall, length of pipe is determined by how far away from the wall you are then use the second bend to bring you straight again.

  • Slide the back of the guttering under the back mini clip
  • With both hands on the front of the gutter either side of the front clip, and your 2 thumbs pushing up on the front clip, apply pressure downwards until the gutter clips into place.


 If you are still struggling it could be due to the seals drying out after being on the shelf of a warm shop.  Simply apply some silicone lubricant and it should make the process a lot easier.  Please note never use any other lubricant especially washing up liquid as this dries out the seals and makes them crack.


Hunter offers a full fabrication service which is available on request, offering unique angles, offsets etc. to overcome difficult installations.

The following are a few of the items produced:

Rainwater guttering  Any degree angle through one or two planes.
Rainwater downpipes  Offset bends to any degree
 Single or double branches to any degree.

Hunter offers a complete estimating, packaging, and shipping service to facilitate export orders, together with local assistance in many countries.

Please note that all Hunter products are sold according to our Standard Conditions of Sale.


Although PVCu gutters are considered to be relatively maintenance-free, in some cases our lighter coloured gutter system may require cleaning. We recommend the plastic is washed down with a solution of soapy warm water or, in severe cases, a non-abrasive kitchen cream cleaner should be used.

Should the instance arise where the gutter requires painting we suggest the system is cleaned with a degreasing agent such as sugar soap. After cleaning, apply two coats of a good quality gloss paint. Scoring or roughening the surface of the plastic to form a key for the paint will adversely affect the overall finish and is not recommended.


Although PVC gutters are relatively maintenance free, it is important to clear rainwater goods of fallen leaves and other debris at least once a year. A planned cleaning programme is essential to maintain the appearance of your gutter system. We recommend twice yearly cleaning by washing down with solution of soapy warm water or, in severe cases, a non-abrasive cleaner should be used.

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