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Soil & Waste Systems



Hunter 110mm soil pipe now contains a minimum 30% recycled content. The new pipe has some great features:

  • High gloss finish
  • A tougher 'skin' protecting is against weathering
  • Available in 110mm in both black and grey
  • Same cost as standard soil pipe

For more information on the new Co-Ex soil pipe click here.


Soil and Waste Range

Soil and Waste systems

A complete range of Soil, Waste and Overflow systems for any design application

Whether your preference is solvent weld or push-fit assembly, Hunter Plastic's Soil and Waste Systems offer a comprehensive above ground plastic drainage system; suitable for carrying sanitary waste from domestic, commercial and industrial installations.

The installer has the flexibility to select either Hunter's push-fit or solvent systems.

Soil and Waste Benefits

  • Durable and robust
  • Colour co-ordination of soil and waste with rainwater systems
  • Easily matched and fixed to existing materials and systems
  • A variety of bends, branches, boss fittings and adaptors for maximum versatility and installation efficiency

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